Last Chance to Send Holiday Cards

Many businesses are feeling the pressure of a difficult economy and cutting costs in as many areas as possible. Even if you found that there was no budget for customer appreciation gifts it is important consider sending holiday cards. Sending cards to your customers lets them know that you appreciate their past loyalty and look… [Continue Reading]

Customer Appreciation Parties Part One :Don’t Be Cheap!

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Over the years we have been to and been part of a lot of customer appreciation parties. These events can be a huge boost to your business, especially if you are retail, but they are as filled with pitfalls as the swamp scene in Princess Bride! Depending on how you plan and carry it out… [Continue Reading]

Corporate Christmas Parties:Part Two

Once you have the theme, the budget, and the location for your corporate Christmas party planned you can fill in the details much more easily. It is important to keep the party light and fun. It should not be a stressful time of an employee having to decide which of five forks he should use… [Continue Reading]

Corporate Christmas Parties:Part One


Whether you run a small company with three employees or a huge mega- corporation, corporate Christmas parties are, or should be, a priority on your to do list. There is really no better way to build morale and tell your employees thank you for a year of loyal service.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes


It isn’t too early to start thinking about corporate holiday party themes. The more planning that you can do in advance the more smoothly your celebration go. Choose a theme that will fit the image of the company to some extent. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a black tie affair but, especially if customers… [Continue Reading]

Don’t Forget the Worker Bees


I know a guy who works as a company representative and who is very successful at his job. His success is due to many factors, but there’s one in particular that has always impressed me: he never forgets the worker bees.

Motivate Employees to Excellence

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Have your evaluated your management skills lately? More importantly have you looked at your ability to motivate your employees? The ability to encourage the people that work for you is an asset. People want to feel appreciated, and they want to know that they are looked upon as individuals not part of a corporate machine.… [Continue Reading]

Massachusetts Proposes a Pharmaceutical Gift Ban

Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray is finding unique ways to cut health care costs and banning pharmaceutical gifts in the state could be one of them. The senate proposed a bill to the floor as part of a larger bill to continue efforts in developing a state-wide electronic medical system. The proposed ban suggests that… [Continue Reading]