5 Ways to Create Good Brochure Content


We have all seen examples of good and bad brochures. If you can think back to when you received the less than impressive brochure, you probably didn’t go much further with pursuing the product or service. Appearances matter and content definitely matters. A brochure is a key piece of your marketing materials, so shouldn’t you… [Continue Reading]

Office Gifts – Think Outside the Box

Finding the perfect gift for a coworker doesn’t have to be so hard. True, you probably spend close to forty hours a week working with them, but this doesn’t necessarily always mean that you know what to get them as a present. However, a little advance planning can make a huge difference! By starting early,… [Continue Reading]

Dressing for Success? Casual Fridays

Over the past decade there has been a shift in what is acceptable corporate dress. Just as so many things have seemed to become more casual so has dressing for work. In fact, casual Fridays are so acceptable that many companies have begun to embrace the idea. You can even find a more casual corporate… [Continue Reading]

Improve a Credit Score

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If you are wondering whether in this economy it is worth the trouble to try to improve a credit score the answer is yes! With so many people struggling a good credit score is more important than ever. Most businesses should try to maintain a credit score of around 700 if not a bit better.… [Continue Reading]

Increase Profitability by Controlling Costs


There are two ways to increase profitability: Make more money or Have less expenses. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Make It Stop


How many car warranties do they think I need? If I bought an extended warranty every time my office phone rings and the booming voice tells me my car warranty has run out (how does he know, anyway?), I’d have many more years left on my warranty than on my vehicle. I guess that’s the… [Continue Reading]

Purge Your Way to a More Efficient Work Environment


An organized business is a more efficient business, right? Now, tell the truth. When was the last time you set aside a day, or even a part of a day, to really purge your office files and clean out drawers and closets? It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate and how much of that… [Continue Reading]