Benefits of Promotional Headwear


Next to t-shirts, caps are one of the most sought after promotional apparel items. Studies show that 19% of US consumers own a promotional cap and 59% of owners keep their branded hats. Function Meets Brand Most people hold on to things that are functional. I always suggest when giving a promotional gift or any… [Continue Reading]

How to Order Corporate Gift Baskets On Time, Within Budget


It’s hard to believe that fourth quarter is right upon us and it is time to start thinking about sending well wishes and good will to our favorite clients, colleagues, employees, partners and friends. This is the season of giving and most companies will begin to see good eats and treats trinkle in slowly before… [Continue Reading]

Thanksgiving Promos: 4 Useful Items for Turkey Day

Apron with Pockets - Item #6393701-79530
Silicon Oven Mitt - Item #5546175-68507

If you are in search of useful corporate gifts to give fourth quarter, consider items that will actually get put to use. Studies show that people like to receive gifts they can actually use as opposed to sitting on shelves as dust collectors trophies. Here are items we consider as our best Thanksgiving Day corporate… [Continue Reading]

3 Must Have Items for your Next Corporate Event


When planning to attend an event as an attendee (not an exhibitor), there are at least two things that’s guaranteed you will receive; an id lanyard and a tote bag. These are items you probably subconsciously plan for. As for the unknowns, experts suggest before attending an event to request the floor plan and map… [Continue Reading]

12 Tips to Help You Travel with Ease


Traveling, for business or for pleasure, can be time consumer, frustrating and a bit overwhelming at times. Knowing the best products to use and the best ways to prepare for the trip can reduce the stress involved and make it a more enjoyable experience. Travel with ease with these tips for busy travelers: 1. Limit… [Continue Reading]

Are Single-Use Plastic Bags Killing You?


Let’s think about the term single-use for a moment. Are single-use plastic bags, packed by your grocer, that help us tote our good eats from the car to the kitchen actually used only once? Not in my house. These work well as trash can liners in the bedrooms and bathrooms. They help line the refrigerator… [Continue Reading]

Checkpoint Friendly Travel

“Hold that plane!!”  Just like in commercials, television shows, or movies someone sprints through the concourse in a race against a departing flight. They close in on their gate. They see the stewardess closing the jet way door. Inevitably they call out in protest and right on the cue (only of a Hollywood script), the… [Continue Reading]

Corporate Gifts for Retirees

So you are retiring..after many years of working, and about a decade of hard work with your current company. And what did you get for it? Your manager gave you a pen as your retirement gift. Wow, what a letdown. You certainly don’t feel like you have been a valued employee or an asset to… [Continue Reading]

Strengthen your Fitness Center with Personalized Promotional Gifts

Finally the day arrives when you open the doors of your neighborhood fitness center. You’re ready for the customers to pour in and mount those treadmills and stationary bikes, and to start using those workout machines. However, soon reality will hit; there are bills to pay like rent, electricity, insurance, maintenance, accounting fees and employee… [Continue Reading]

Don’t Show Me The Money


Surprisingly, employers are realizing that cash rewards don’t have a good long lasting effect and value with employees. If you’re planning to hand out cash rewards for first quarter performance, don’t expect your employees to remember them. People commonly use their cash rewards to pay bills and many receivers can’t remember where they spent their… [Continue Reading]