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Corporate Snobs.com was founded in 2006 after exploring a need for unique corporate, executive, business and promotional gifts in the corporate industries. In case you’re wondering, CorporateSNOBS is Corporate Solutions Necessary for Outstanding Business Success (CS)! This is who we are and this is what we achieve. Our goal is to help businesses and professionals promote. In 2012, CS expanded its services to include Internet Marketing, web and graphics design services. Our products help businesses promote offline while our services help businesses promote online.

After developing solid relationships with customers, clients and colleagues, there was still a definite void in many industries for small businesses. There seemed to be no place where business owners and professionals could go to get the answers to what they need from a community of people who are doing the same thing. This is when the University was born.

Corporate SNOBS University (CSU) is all about creating a community of professionals and business leaders who understand the synergy of sharing and who are looking for a place to be a part of this energy in efforts to grow collectively.

See, CSU is all about the collective efforts in getting everything you need for your business and profession while sharing what you know. Here’s the deal, who better to learn from other than the people in the trenches who are doing the work and want to achieve the same goals? This is the community of CSU and why it is the place for learning. Let’s face it, our day to day duties are things you just don’t learn in college books. This is how we help, teach, share and grow. Keep in mind, you are going to get out of this community as much as you put into it, so the efforts of growth is up to you.

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We look forward to creating a synergy of growth with you. Join in on our discussions here:


Let’s teach, share and grow together!

The Corporate Snobs Team

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