Unique Ways Maximizing Your Trade Show Exposure

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Trade show attendance can fluctuate. If you are simply at the show with a booth then you are at the traffic’s mercy on how much exposure your brand receives. What if you could tap into an added source of exposure that gives your brand exposure before, during, and after the trade show, outside of the usual trade show giveaways? The opportunity in question is being an event sponsor.

Get Organized
Organizing a trade show takes time. Many shows will begin planning the following year’s show shortly after the current year show concludes. If you are considering getting involved on the sponsorship level, you will want to contact the organization that is responsible for producing the trade show, well in advance, to ensure the sponsorship slots are still available. Chances are the organization will have different levels of opportunity ranging from overall presenting sponsor to various lower level sponsorship opportunities.

Securing a sponsor spot at major trade shows could take years of advance planning, while more regional trade show sponsorships can simply be a phone call away. Regardless of the time it takes, one thing is certain – it takes planning.

Get Noticed
Trade shows have to advertise in order to attract exhibitors and attendees. Why not let their advertising initiatives help promote your brand? From industry trade publications to local newspapers, trade shows actively advertise (and a lot of times with sponsored logos included). Explore all options in your potential sponsorship discussions with the organization. Leave no stone unturned because you never know where your next customer will find you!

It’s In the Bag
Another key sponsorship location, that also creates a mobile billboard for your brand, is sponsoring the convention totes. A staple of every convention is the trade show giveaway tote. As you enter those convention halls, nothing is more valuable to you than the tote. Hundreds of booths await you with product materials, promotional pens, and other unique trade show giveaways. The convention tote becomes your new best friend for the next few hours as you explore the convention halls.

As convention goers leave the site and the trade show host city, your brand goes with them…on planes, trains, and automobiles. So as the show ends and you pick up the phone to call the trade organization to talk about next year’s sponsorship, make sure you have call waiting…because your next customer is calling from across the country – all because you sponsored the convention tote bag!

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