How to Customize Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags are one of the most popular promotional items for good reasons. Customized tote bags rank in the top ten of the most preferred and this is why; 1.) Tons of space to get creative with your brand message. 2.) Tote bags are the most versatile and most reused promotional product. 3.) Everyone… [Continue Reading]

11 Necessities to Grow a Successful Small Business

As a company that helps businesses expand their brand with promotional products and foster good will with incentive and recognition programs, it is often a joy to explore other ways in helping small businesses succeed by sharing useful information. The infographic below shares some great tips to help small businesses stay on track. In my… [Continue Reading]

Why Employees Leave

Many companies dole out thousands of dollars each year to replace employees without realizing that it costs much less to take … [Read More...]

Benefits of Promotional Headwear

Next to t-shirts, caps are one of the most sought after promotional apparel items. Studies show that 19% of US consumers own … [Read More...]

Be a Rock Star Giver: Play to Personality Types

It is much more fun to have “fun” in the workplace. We are in full swing of the season of giving, many companies are … [Read More...]

3 Ways to Cut Costs on your Custom Order

Question: I have a logo that is very detailed and has more than one color. What is the most cost effective way for me to … [Read More...]

UV Protected Sun-Safe Apparel

How to Choose Sun-Safe Apparel for Outdoor Work & Activities

Summer is approaching and businesses are putting on or participating in many outdoor events and activities. In almost every case, apparel is top of the list for promotional items. While having the right logo and brand message on the T-shirt or polo may be of top priority, choosing sun-safe apparel falls short on the level… [Continue Reading]


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: The Promo with Staying Power

Microfiber has been around for some time now. It would not be considered to be a household name just yet, but the benefits and advantages to using this cloth are becoming more popular as more manufacturers are finding it to be a cleaning instrument that can be used on multiple surfaces. The advantages of the… [Continue Reading]


Get Powered Up with Solar-Powered Promos

The sun is the world’s largest power plant. It has been said that it provides more power in 1 hour than the entire world has produced in a year. Studies show that we use only 0.01% of the sun’s energy for our electrical needs. Summer in near, the sun is on the rise and solar… [Continue Reading]

Promotional Pen Trends in 2013

What are the latest ways companies are using promotional pens to market their businesses? Promo pens are a staple in every marketing department’s promotional supplies because of their versatility. They have been popular for ages and now there are newer designs and features on some personalized pens that make them even more desirable for marketing… [Continue Reading]


The Coolest Promotional Gift – Keeping Cool in the Shade

During visits to my father in Arizona, I would always watch him at every stop, whether the store, bank etc., take his time to place that shiny windshield cover on the dashboard of his car. I would think to myself, now that is a lot to remember to do at each stop, so it apparently… [Continue Reading]

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6 Wellness Activities Guaranteed to Increase Employee Engagement – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part series. Find the first part here http// In this article, I will continue to gift ideas of activities that any size business can implement for their wellness program. 4. Going to the Gym For most employees, going to the gym would be much more enticing if there… [Continue Reading]

One of our most popular key-shaped USB drives.

Google Goes Green, Saves Money & Time with this Unique Promo

Everyone knows that Google is leading the trends in creative technology by creating ways for Universal ease of living and doing business. From the Google Plus to Google glasses, its true nature is not shy or shabby about standing out as a Giant. What many may not have considered is how these products can be… [Continue Reading]


6 Wellness Activities Guaranteed to Increase Employee Engagement – Part 1

When it comes to wellness in the workplace, many corporations now “get it” and have jumped on the bandwagon of making wellness a priority in the workplace. Studies show that companies with the most effect wellness programs saw 20% more revenue and that employee wellness programs reduce the number of sick days taken off by… [Continue Reading]